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Matthew Kuechler

Mechanical Engineering | 2024

Canton, Michigan

Matthew Kuechler is a Junior from Canton, Michigan studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Management. Along with his contributions to Purdue Foundation Student Board, he is an executive in Purdue American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a Team Supervisor for Boiler Gold Rush, a Manager within Purdue RecWell, and is involved with the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation.


In his free time, Matthew is an avid golfer, baseball fanatic, and puts his energy to good use by staying active. After pursuing his “problem-solving” degree and exploring the business side of engineering, he aspires to make the lives of others easier and more sustainable. Through PFSB, he is excited to educate generous donors as well as other Boilermakers about the importance of charitable giving while growing professionally and networking with other ambitious individuals. memories to come.