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Taylor Schultz

Kinesiology | 2025

Demotte, Indiana

Taylor Schultz is a Sophomore studying Kinesiology with a Sports Medicine concentration; she is on the pre-med track and is pursuing a career as a sports medicine physician. Taylor is from Demotte, located in Northwest Indiana. She loves leading groups and mentoring others as demonstrated through her involvement as an Honors mentor, Horizons mentor, and Boiler Gold Rush Team Leader. Taylor can also be found playing volleyball or tennis on her various intramural teams!


In her spare time, Taylor loves drinking iced coffee, staying active, going to the lake, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys traveling and has plans to study abroad within the next couple of years. Taylor hopes to utilize her passion for athletics to become a team doctor for a college or professional team. She is so excited about being a part of PFSB because it has given her the opportunity to meet other amazing leaders and give back to the people that power the Boilermakers!

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