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Advaitika Badruka

Supply Chain & Marketing | 2025

Hyderabad, India

Philanthropy Committee

Advaitika, or Addi as she prefers, is a Junior from Hyderabad, India, pursuing a double major from the Daniels School of Business. She is an involved Boilermaker, committed learner, and creative thinker who enjoys reading about global cuisines and Indian history. Addi is passionate about finding an intersection between business and philanthropy, and seeks opportunities that allow her to contribute to the Boilermaker community.


Apart from being part of the Philanthropy committee in Purdue Foundation Student Board, she is also the treasurer and founding member of Fictional Projects Club of Purdue [FPOP], a club focused on bringing objects and concepts from our favourite books and movies to life.


In her professional career, Addi has exhibited a penchant for content creation and social media marketing, and continues to pursue this passion by working as a social media creator for the Disability Resource Center. She approaches all her commitments with zest and dedication, with the intention of making a tangible difference to her community. In her free time, she manages by proxy her small business, The Chubby Cow Company, an organic and cruelty-free dairy producer and supplier. A recipient of the Indian Emerging Scholar Scholarship, she attempts to straddle the line between academic excellence and extra-curricular engagement.


Her one big dream is to work for the TATA group, whose business philosophy reflects her desire to marry philanthropy and business.

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